About Aurelia

Founded in 2000, Aurelia® Gloves is proud to be the leading Latex and Nitrile examination glove brand in North America.

We distribute premium quality glove products with an uncompromising emphasis on comfort and safety to healthcare and industrial professionals. We understand the importance of providing a clean and comfortable hand protection environment to both healthcare providers, as well as the patients themselves.

With a commitment to excellence, Aurelia offers Latex and Nitrile (non-latex) gloves in a wide variety of sizes and types that are available exclusively through a national network of distributors. Due to the quality and value of Aurelia Gloves, we have quickly become the preferred examination glove brand for the Dental, Medical, Laboratory, Life Science and Industrial Safety Industries in North America.

About Supermax

Founded in 1987, Supermax Group is headquartered in Malaysia. As a division of Supermax, Aurelia Gloves is proud to be one of the very few glove brands that sources directly from our own manufacturing facilities.

Having 10 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and a dedicated Research & Development Team at our disposal is only part of the reason Aurelia Gloves has risen to the top of our industry.

Annually, Supermax delivers over 21 billion gloves to over 150 countries worldwide, making us one of the largest glove manufacturers in the world.

Malaysia flourishes with latex trees which are indigenous to the countryside giving us the highest quality rubber globally. We constantly strive to formulate new and bold ways of delivering comfort and safety to hands worldwide.

Supermax distributes to a worldwide audience and is equipped with dedicated facilities in USA, Canada, Germany and Brazil.